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As we continue to explore the episodes of our first season, this week we are looking back at Episode 9: "Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us". I have to be honest, I had forgotten I even recorded this episode. I remember having researched it and the story behind it, but the actual recording was a complete blur. This episode came just three days before the arrival of our third beautiful baby girl.All of our close family support had left to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary at a cabin in the mountains in North Carolina. Dena’s family were ready to come, but just waiting on the go-ahead from us. I went back and listened to this episode again it reminded me of that week. And though I didn’t even realize it at the time, I needed to hear it myself. Through all the struggles and complications we experienced as Jemma entered into this world, I needed the leading and guiding of my Savior.EPISODE 9 – SAVIOR LIKE A SHEPHERD
- Air Date: 11/15/2022 -
What was meant to be a children's song has become one of the most recognized hymns across denominational lines! Join me as we explore the depths of this amazing hymn and an unusual story that comes alongside it.Thank you as always for listening!

All songs used by permission.

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All songs used by permission.


You may be wondering how I find all these stories and information on these hymns, hymn writers and composers. I use many different resources for research into the hymns we talk about here on The Bright Forever. Below, you will find links to just a handful of the websites I use most in preparing for our show.

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