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This week we are looking back at Episode 6: "The Love of God". This was another fun one to record because I got to sit down and talk with my brother. Matt Peavyhouse is the Head of School at Tampa Bay Christian Academy and since I teach Bible for the high school there, he is also my boss. Apart from being a great brother and a pretty good boss, he has always been a reliable sounding board when I need to talk through theological questions or just laugh at some crazy meme we’ve found online.EPISODES 6 – THE LOVE OF GOD
- Air Date: 10/18/2022 -
In this episode, we dive into a song that is one of the greatest lyrically in all of hymnody. "The Love of God" stands apart from many. Frederick M. Lehman's hymn is astoundingly beautiful in its use of language and yet even with its amazing imagery it calls itself out for not being able to truly expound upon the vastness of God's love for us.We explore the story and then get to talk about this hymn's powerful words and rich poetry with my brother, Matt. He gives great insight into this hymn and its picturesque presentation of the gospel to each of us. Then we get the extra blessing of him playing and singing a little bit of this hymn for us live in our studio. I had a great time getting to sit and talk with him and I hope you'll enjoy it too! As always, thanks for listening.Keep listening and enjoy!

All songs used by permission.

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All songs used by permission.


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